17 Tips to Write a Killer Personal Ad

Online dating websites offer the easier and quicker way for single guys to meet women. The use of online personal ads to get the audience you desire is quite different that picking up a girl in the real life situations. When you meet her at a bar, party or disco it might be difficult for you to approach her, you may feel embarrassed, but with online dating, it is easier and less stressful.

Therefore, you have made up your mind to put a personal ad, but you are getting none or few responses to your request and no girl is approaching you. Remember that you have to attract women with your online ad. These days very sophisticated personal ads are appearing in top quality dating sites.

In today's world of online dating personal ads, have to be witty, informative, and hopefully effective. If you want to get the best personal ad, you must to present the right image, get people to interact you by being friendly and chatting every day. You should try in every single way possible to prove and show that you are as you have said, including your own personality and characteristics. Writing a personal ad is like writing a love letter, a poem dedicated to your future partner.

For to increase your success in online dating you have to make your personal ad to be the best. Here are some tips that might help you.

  1. first and the most important is that you must complete your personal profile fully, to be informative, complete, to make the woman interested
  2. run spell-check - a profile full of mistakes shows that you are a sloppy, careless type
  3. add a photograph; ensure that the photo is bright, clear and recent; a perfect picture with the right clothing and a smiled face will have a big effect recording to the visitors of your personal ad; many people don't add a profile photo because they think that they aren't photogenic; but this is a wrong idea because the profiles that haven't a photo is much less viewed like the other
  4. be yourself, be sincere and say what you like and looking for; be honest, if you are looking just for a casual date because you already have a wife, say it, don't imply that you are looking for marriage just to get more details, because this is a waste of time for everyone
  5. avoid major disclosures - you don't have to tell everything about yourself in the first paragraph, this will not be interesting anymore
  6. splatter your profile with humor, drama, funky metaphors, they will draw instant attention and interested
  7. don't be aggressive or rude in your personal ad, because this will show that you are not friendly and open for new friends
  8. communicate - it is important to communicate if you want to make friends and to know better the possible partners
  9. keep your profile positive and update, so don't use words like ''desperate'' , hurry to meet someone
  10. don't use swear words because are generally offensive and turn people off
  11. list all the things you like can be a handful; choose one good example and talk about why you like it
  12. don't make list of your accomplishments; avoid using personals adjectives like: I'm a spontaneous, creative, honest person
  13. you can include the things that make up your good points like the fact that you like kids, or you are told that you are funny
  14. ask questions to them to answer via email
  15. also try to response at people messages in a reasonable amount of time, not after a month
  16. be positive , show that you love life and know how to live it
  17. be patient; it is true that it takes a time until you meet somebody and get to know her better, but it works

Also in your personal ad, you can include some action phrases, which will express your personality and characteristics. Some of this action phrases are:

  • long term relationship - shows the fact that you have the sense of commitment, you are ready for a long relationship
  • great personality - express the fact that you have a truly magnificent personality and it's worth meeting you
  • no baggage - means that you are completely free of attachments such as a spouse or child
  • active and adventurous - means that you are in a really good shape, physically fit
  • ask me anything - shows that you are honest, adventurous and open to sharing details about yourself

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